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Upcoming Events

Welcome to Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. We are a warm and welcoming body of believers that live out and embrace the concept of being a church family. United through the blood of Jesus Christ, we strive to be a place where true fellowship takes place and the body of Christ is present. Finally, we seek to be a congregation founded on the Word of God as our authority where the preaching and teaching of God’s Word builds and encourages the faith of each person who attends. Come and join us to see first hand what the Lord is doing in our midst.

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    Community meal

    Join us for a free meal from 11 to 1 on the second Saturday of every month and let us serve you in the love of Jesus.

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    Women's Retreat - Jan 22

    Boundaries and Living WholeheartedlyDo you every feel like you can’t say no? Do you ever feel like you never have time for yourself? Do you ever feel resentful or angry when you do something for others? Is it hard to see where your family ends and you begin? If you answered yes or sometimes to any of these questions, you may benefit from a deeper look at boundaries from God’s perspective. Godly boundaries provide us with a clearer path to living wholly as our Maker intended for each of us.Join us for a discussion-based workshop exploring God’s Word about boundaries, what they are, why they are important, and how to cultivate proper God-based boundaries in our lives.Join us Saturday morning at 9:00am , January 21 in the POP library for a morning of renewal! Feel free to invite a friend.