Men’s Minstry

The men at Prince of Peace stay active throughout the year with a variety of activities. During the school year, there is a monthly Bible Study/breakfast at 7:oo am every 3rd Saturday of the month.

The current study is:

Real Men: A Real Man SEEKS (Volume 1)

  1. Fatherhood – Robert Amaya
  2. When Good Men Are Tempted – Bill Perkins
  3. A Warrior’s Heart: Unleashing Men for Kingdom Impact – Dr. Bruce Fong
  4. Son, Subject or Slave – Dr. Chuck Stecker
  5. Maximizing Your Marriage: True Intimacy – Dr. Dan Erickson
  6. The Measure of a Young Man – Dr. Gene Getz
  7. Facing the Blitz: God’s Wisdom for Turning Trials into Triumph – Jeff Kemp
  8. Accountability—The Missing Link – Rod Handley
  9. I Don’t Like That – Dr. Roy Smith
  10. Living with Eternity in Mind – Ted DiBiase
  11.  A Real Man Can—The Formula – T.C. Stallings
  12. Turn the Page—Maximizing Your Life Story – Dr. Johnny Parker

Bonus Lessons

13. Pursuing God’s Story for Your Life – Clair Hoover

14. The Needs Spectrum in Your Church – Herb Reese

15. Men’s Ministry: Taking Your Group to the Next Level – James Steiner

The Men also enjoy: