Upcoming Youth Events

Make sure you have a current one on file in order to participate! (Contact Jordan to see if you have a current one on file)

Interested in growing your youth account balance? One way to do that is to sell the popular God’s Creation Calendars. Sign up for how many you want and you will get credit for each one you sell. Each calendar sells for $8 and you get half of that! Keep in mind that calendars that you are not able to sell are your financial responsibility and must be paid for by you at cost. Don’t let that stop you though, these calendars sell well and the profit can really add up!

The Sign up sheet is posted online (click on the picture to go to the sign up) and outside the youth office. The deadline to sign up for calendars is October 29th

With the coming of fall means the coming of the annual meeting and Thanksgiving. Everyone likes fresh baked goods for their celebrations but not many love slaving away in a hot kitchen when they are already preparing for a large meal. You can serve your neighbor and earn some youth account funds on the side by contributing some baked goods or other tasty treats/nifty items to our annual silent auction.

Here is the lowdown…each person can bring as many items as they want but they will get credited for a maximum of three. At the end of the fundraiser, the total amount donated will be tabulated and divided by the total number of credited items brought and then distributed accordingly (each additional item will increase the amount of money raised which will make each share more valuable). Click here to download a bid sheet for each item.